Prefabricated timber frame houses

Aru Grupp elementhouse factory is focused on producing energy efficient prefabricated wooden frame elements. Most of the external finishing is done in the course of production. We can deliver wall elements with mounted windows and external cladding. Furthermore, we can deliver wall elements ready to be plastered at the building site. Inside of the elements can already in factory be covered with gypsum board, fermacell board, plywood or any other materials. All this ensures a fast finishing on the site. Aru Grupp produces double framed wall elements. There is a vapour barrier between the wooden frames which makes elements very airtight. This plastic barrier stays unbroken while attaching furniture to the walls and during electrical wiring. All electrical installation tubes and boxes are installed into the elements in our production. Double framed elementhouses are airtight and have successfully passed the blow door tests which are mandatory in Norway.                                       Product sheet.pdf