Aru supports youth engineering education 23. february 2011

On the 4th of March, 2011 yet another CAD drawing competion will take place in Kadrina Highschool. Teams from Tallinn University of Technology, University of Applied Sciences (Tallinna Tehnikakõrgkool) and Kadrina Highschool will compete with eachother. The preparation of the students of Kadrina Highschool has been supported by Aru Group for years.
In the year 2005, an optional subject "Business management and basics of technology" was started in Kadrina Highschool in co-operation with Aru Group. The students attending get a thorough basis in CAD drawing and also basic knowledge about different disciplines in the fields of engineering and entrepreneurship. To develop the optional subject, on the 14th of February, 2007 a project council was formed at the proposal of Juhan Viise. People connected to Kadrina and the alumni of Kadrina Highschool joined the council:
Juhan Viise – Aru Group
Arvo Pani and Lauri Kase – Kadrina Highschool
Ain Suurkaev – Rakvere Town Council
Arvo Viltrop – Estonian University of Life Sciences
Meelis Annus – Swedbank Northern Estonia region
Mati Tiiter – Hat Auto AS
Asko Talu – VivaPersona Eesti
Aivar Lankei – Kadrina Municipality Government

The competition CADrina was created to keep the teachings at the highest level and to promote the skills of engineering graphics and through that the technical education among the youth of Estonia. It is planned as a yearly event. Students compete in CAD drawing where not only knowing how to use the certain CAD programs is needed, but also an engineer's creativity comes in handy.

The aim of CADrina competition:

1. To encourage young people in Estonia to acquire an engineering education and develop their abilities to think in 3D.

2. To raise the level of the students' skills at CAD programming.

3. To develop the public's interest towards natural sciences and technology.

The competition's schedule:

Duration 17:00 - 22:00

1. The competition of CAD-programming
2. Your host of the evening is Tauri Tallermaa.
3. The competition is commented by Urmas Jüriorg - an expert of CAD-systems
4. Guests:
  • the patron of the event - Tõnis Lukas - Minister of Education and Research
  • Marko Pomerants, Minister of Internal Affairs
  • Einar Vallbaum, West-Viru County Governor
  • Jaanus Reisner, Chairman of the Kadrina Municipality Council
  • Aivar Lankei, Kadrina Municipality Governor
5. Surprise guests
6. ROBOTEX - the demonstrative performance of robots; prepared by the students of Tallinn University of Technology
7. Tanel Padar & The Sun

The first competition "CADrina 2010" took place on the 5th of March, 2010. Teams from Tallinn University of Technology, University of Applied Sciences (Tallinna Tehnikakõrgkool) and Kadrina Highschool took part in the competition. In 2010, Kadrina Highschool won.