Tilting-sliding terrace doors

"Aru NORDIC patio LINE 92 IN" are new generation German-style tilting-turning sliding doors with 92 mm wooden profiles and 52 mm three-layered glazed units, produced in the similar profile system as the tilt-turn windows. The ROTO hardware system of the sliding doors ensures the stability and thickness equal to the windows.

Thickness of glazed unit:
52 mm
glazed unit U value:
Ug=0,52 W/m²K
Thickness of door leaf:
92 mm
doors U value:
Ud=0,76 W/m²K

    Tilting-sliding opening solution The opening that saves space – the frame is tilted, is moved away parallel and pushed aside. The sliding system is suitable for windows and doors up to 2.70 m of door jamb, 200 kg of weight and up to 2 m frame width. 

S –standard, 
Z – with forced mechanism.